AI Assets welcomes RICS guidelines on electronic data capture software

AI Assets, Australia’s award-winning property asset capture and management software, has welcomed new guidelines from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors that recognise the value of technology in assisting the work of surveyors. 

RICS have recently released a first edition guidance note for Planned Preventative Maintenance that highlights how new technologies can help surveyors become more efficient and improve the quality and consistency of their work. 

“Electronic data capture software may be used in PPM surveys, particularly for larger survey programmes with multiple surveyors or survey programs spanning over several company office locations, where tools to increase consistency are key,” the guidelines state. 

RICS recognises the value of software like AI Assets to help surveyors become more efficient and create greater data consistency that can then be used for more purposes than just a single report.

“With a wealth of data captured on site and the tools available to manipulate that information into dashboards, reports and planned maintenance programmes, IT systems can provide surveyors with the ability to provide consistent data and outputs across their portfolios.”

However it also points out that technology only enhances the work of qualified surveyors – it does not replace them. 

“The professional opinion (of RICS members) will always be crucial to the success of any survey programme,” the guidelines state. “RICS members should be sufficiently trained and competent in the use of such software as well as being aware of its limitations.”

Founder and CEO of AI Assets, Wayne Herbert, said he was delighted that organisations with the heritage of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors were being future thinking and seeing the benefits of technology and software to their members. 

“The professional standards and guidance that RICS provides to its members are world class and recognise best practice in the industry,” Wayne said.

“It’s really exciting that an institution with the history of RICS is able to envision a future where new technologies and traditional expertise are working together.”

AI Assets was recently awarded the Proptech to Watch prize in the annual Proptech Awards held by the Proptech Association Australia. 

“We are proud to be a Tech Partner of RICS and would welcome the opportunity to work with any RICS member to show them how we believe technology like AI Assets can enhance the work they do, and make them more efficient and grow their business.”


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