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• Nationwide asset audit and tagging of over 30+ immigration centres
• Over 350,000 assets recorded
• 70% reduction on project costs

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•Nationwide asset audit and tagging of over 2,000+ stores across the group
• Over 1,000,000 assets recorded
• Completed in less than 6 months

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• Nationwide asset audit and tagging of 1,500+ facilities
• Over 1,000,000 assets recorded
• Project time reduced by over 80%


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Kevin CreedDavid TaylorAshak NathwaniSteve Kitching
“It is a user-friendly software application that is easy to navigate. A fantastic app for condition audits, Capex and Opex forecasting. Using this application exceeded my clients’ expectations and I’ll definitely be using AI Assets again.”
Kevin Creed
Our clients love the format, the way the data is collected and the ease of data collection. We no longer rely on outdated methods and we have won many new clients using this very flexible technology.
David Taylor
We have had AI Assets guest lecturing with us for three years to talk about how to optimise data management and how to get it to a stage where it is more user friendly and has more meaningful outputs. One of the main reasons why we chose AI Assets over any of the other software systems currently on market is that we see they are more aligned with the future of the industry.
Ashak Nathwani
The University of Sydney
The AI Assets methodology and system are streets ahead of their competitors. We achieved higher data accuracy and quality whilst greatly reducing the time required to achieve this. We have already recommended the system to several other councils.
Steve Kitching
Local Government, NSW


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