4 ways AI Assets helps property surveyors

Traditional methods used by property surveyors to collect asset data are time consuming and laborious and require a lot of manual correlation and data entry. 

But new technology is making it faster and easier for property surveyors to do their job with the introduction of automation and artificial intelligence.

Here’s four specific ways that asset automation tools like AI Assets can greatly improve life for property surveyors when conducting asset audits and creating asset lifecycle reports.

  1. AI Assets let’s you collect data more quickly
    The centralised database at the core of AI Assets features more than 1500 assets complete with costing and lifecycle data. This makes it fast and easy for property surveyors to identify and match the majority of assets against a known list during audits and inspections rather than needing to capture all the details on site. The AI Asset mobile app also works without access to wifi making it quick and easy to collect data on remote or difficult to access sites.
  2. AI Assets makes data collection consistent across your team
    Ensuring asset data is collected consistently across large sites and with teams of collectors can be difficult using traditional methods with surveyors writing different descriptions or approaching identification differently. But the centralised database of AI Assets streamlines this process too by providing set options for the majority of assets – which in turns speeds up the creation of reports and analysis at the back end. This allows your team to spend more time in the field on unusual or parts of the project that require more attention.
  3. AI Assets let’s you create client reports faster
    With your team quickly and easily identifying assets in the field using the AI Assets app, the data feeds immediately back through to the AI Assets cloud. This can be accessed through the web-based platform as soon as your team is online and able to upload – or instantaneously if your team are on wifi. This enables the creation of reports and financial analysis as soon as the data is available, meaning you can have your collection team in the field while more experienced specialists analyse the data and create the reports. Rather than taking weeks or even months to build reports, you’ll be able to assemble the data and conduct the analysis immediately.
  4. AI Assets lets you take on more clients
    It is the role of automation and AI to make life better by making it easier for property surveyors to offer better services to more clients – not to replace property surveyors. AI Automation helps property surveyors take on more clients by streamlining traditional workflows, improving accuracy, consistency and speed of data collection and making it possible to produce more reports and analysis more often for clients. This opens up new opportunities and business models for property surveying businesses, including software licencing, subscriptions and broader consulting services.


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